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Butterfly Wishes… Caterpillar Dreams…


Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t fuck with bugs!

Bear with me because I am having an extremely sappy moment.  I don’t know if it is because I am sitting at my favorite spot in Martha’s Vineyard overlooking the ocean and hanging out with my family on vacation, or perhaps seeing my picture and my blog featured in the September Issue of Essence magazine, or the new beginnings of something that could be special (as you all know, I do not write about men I am currently interested in), but I am feeling really good!  So bear with me as I take break from my usual dating foolery and reflect on the happiness I am experiencing.  Some of you may or may not have known, I turned 37 last Wednesday,  I can’t believe it because in my own mind I feel like I am stuck at 27.  At least that’s what I like to think when I look at myself in the mirror.  But 37 kinda crept up on me.  If you are a loyal follower to my blog, you will remember last year for my bday I was feeling a little down and out.  (refer to: http://confessionsofaserialdaterinla.com/2013/08/the-four-year-itch/).  To be honest, last year I was frustrated with life in general, I was thinking about all of the things I thought I would have by 36 and all the things I wanted and it took 15 year old girls (ironically on Martha’s Vineyard) to make me realize what a great life I had.  However, thankfully at 37 my mind is in such a different place.  I am learning to appreciate where I am in life and enjoy each moment instead of reflecting on the past and worrying about what will become of my future.

While making a run to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I noticed the prettiest butterfly landing on a leaf.  Anyone who knows me, is fully aware I don’t fuck with bugs!  I do not find them cute, I do not find them interesting, I find them annoying as all hell!  But this particular day the beauty of the butterfly caught me off guard and i started to get why people are fascinated by these moths… Hey don’t be mad at me, a butterfly is essentially a moth!  A few days later, I was rushing to work and as I was turning the key to lock my door, I noticed another butterfly landing on the flowers in front of my spot.  In the midst of my rushing I took a second to look at it.  This butterfly had the prettiest pattern on it’s wings.  And there was such gracefulness to the flutter of the wings.  And went about my day.  I noticed that I was learning to take moments to stop and look at things I had never payed attention to before.  I wasn’t sure if we always had these butterflies flying around and I was noticing it, or if there was a sudden increase in butterflies around LA.  But I was noticing them and was fascinated by them.

Monique- 37 2

This year as I blew to the candles and made a wish I felt the love around me…

For my birthday I decided to have a party to celebrate my birthday.  Every year I do a toast.  It’s my Thang!  This year as I blew out my birthday candles and made a wish.  I looked around the room and felt the love around me.  I had friends from all walks of life.  Some were new some were old.  But each of them have made a difference in my life.  And I could finally say after a six year journey I was finally really and truly happy.  I had finally healed from the marriage, the divorce, the hurt and the pain of it all.  And it wasn’t my “Fake it, till you make it happiness.” It was the real deal!  I had finally gotten to a place in my life where I was experiencing true contentment and realizing how blessed I am.

Then I thought about the journey of the butterfly.  Essentially they start off as caterpillar and spend most of their time in search of food.  And they go through a series of stages in which the tough outer layer is released and new cuticles expands and then they develop their wing patterns and turn into a butterfly.  (now I am really paraphrasing here… after all I am not a damn expert, but you get the drift).   But I realized how I spent years of my life in search of something to fulfill me and make me feel whole.  In search of something to make me happy, and feel free.  And finally at the age of 37 I realized what I was searching for was always within me, but I had to go through the various stages to get to where I wanted to be.  And it was within me the whole time.  But in order to get my wings I had to go through the process.

There were times when I would be mad at myself and wonder, When will I truly be happy again?  Why am I not over  this?  What is taking so long?  There were times when the loneliness I felt was palpable.  There were times when I would feel like it wasn’t fair.  I had mapped out the life I thought I was supposed to have.  According to my plans, I was supposed to still be married and have my 2.5 kids.  You know that saying, The best way to make God laugh is to tell him YOUR plans.  Now that my wings were fully formed and i was flying high.  I was so thankful that MY plan ultimately was NOT fulfilled.  And even crazier, I was so happy I went through what I went through.  I now appreciated the journey I had to take .  And I was also thankful I allowed myself to go through process and take the necessary time to heal so I could have fully formed wings to fly high through the pink skies…

Monique- 37

I knew I had to go through the pain in order to experience the pink skies…

In life you have to go through the process in order to heal and in order to grow so you can fly.  We do not get to dictate how long that process will take.  But one day you will wake up and start noticing things you never noticed before.   You’ll notice the beauty of each sunset, the various colors of pinks and lavenders.  You will wake up and notice butterflies flying around you and the beauty of them.  You will realize the journey they had to take in order to get their wings and their beauty.  And you will also notice they are marked and to me those markings tell a story that make them even more beautiful.  and suddenly you realize you are living in the moment.  And a butterfly isn’t just something you look at as an insect or a moth.  Instead they become the fabric of a story.  And you know they were once caterpillar searching for food so they could gain their wings.  And they couldn’t skip that part of the process.  And then step by step, moment by moment they become a beautiful butterfly flying high, pretty, and effortless.

Do not worry… I am not becoming an airy fairy blogger.  But every once in a while, it’s good to relish in happiness.

Monday Memos… Check back next Monday!

Hello My Loyal Readers!  I have good news and bad news….

Wine Pouring

Good News

I kicked off my birthday week with a great party (my birthday is Wednesday).  The wine was over flowing, the food was abundant, the guest list was spectacular.  The wine was flowing… the wine was flowing…

Bad News

I am slightly hungover and cannot write an intelligent response to today’s #MondayMemos.  Did I mention the wine was flowing…

Good News

I will be back with #MondayMemos next Monday with a great topic!

P.S.-  Did I mention… the wine was flowing…

LOL!  Make it a great week!


The Bouquet Toss


I understood the sacredness of the bouquet toss. Single women lived for it.

Love is in the air!  One of my close girlfriend’s got married 2 weeks ago.  Yes, we lost another member of the Single Girls Club.  But we lost her to an amazing man.  Seeing the two of them together makes me know if it possible not to settle.  You can and will meet your soul mate if you are willing to be patient and wait for the right man and if you keep the faith that it will actually happen.  You know the best way to make God laugh… tell him YOUR plans!  Wow… I’m digressing already.  It’s just so refreshing to be around two people who genuinely love each other.  When the couple said their vows to each other (they wrote their own) I do not think there was a dry eye in the vineyard.  And speaking o the Vineyard, the location was magical.  The key to a great wedding outside of the couple, venue, food, open bar (a must), and the guest list is the music.  If all of those elements are in place the wedding is destined to be a memorable event.  And this wedding was nothing short of just that, a great celebration.

But there is a point at every wedding that makes me have a slight anxiety attack… The bouquet toss.  When I was 12 years old, my uncle got married.  And me being young and competitive even at that age, decided to go out in the middle of the floor with the rest of the single ladies for the bouquet toss.  Yes, my 12 year old ass was out on the floor waiting to catch the bouquet.  And low and behold, to the dismay of the older single ladies who were out on the floor, I caught it!  I did a victory dance and celebrated my victory.  I was going to be the next person to get married!  Did I mention I was only 12?!


I watched grown woman tackle each other in their Sunday best and fight until someone came up victorious with the bouquet.

I didn’t notice the rolling of eyes and disdain on the other single women until a manicured finger tapped my shoulder.  I turned around and it was my Aunt.  My aunt was a true diva!  As a matter of fact, this was the aunt who inspired me to move to LA when I was just young.  She worked in the entertainment industry and had many stories to tell about the stars back in that day.  She owned every piece of Louis Vuitton luggage you could imagine and she had presence.  AND she always had a mouth on her.  You haven’t been cussed out until you get cussed out by my Auntie!  And she will do it with class.  Just to give you an idea of her personality, back in the day, when we went to pick her up from the airport (pre 9/11 days when you could greet people at the actually gate).  She walked off the plane in a fur coat with her Louis Vuitton luggage in tow.  And she overheard a French woman speaking to her friend in French about her disapproval of her wearing a fur coat.  Little did that woman know my Aunt spoke French fluently,  my aunt walked over to her and Read her in French.  I still remember to this day, they woman’s jaw dropping.  It was a scene straight out of a Jackie Collins novel.  Anyway, I say all that to make a point.  My auntie did not have a filter and said whatever was on her mind.  Even to a little 12 year old!  When she tapped me on my shoulder, I turned around to see her annoyed face, I knew I was about to get in trouble for something.

Auntie:  Give me back that bouquet!

Me:  Why? 

Auntie:  You are only 12 years old!  The bouquet toss is for the single woman.  You are fucking up a sacred tradition!

I knew better than to argue with grown folks.  So I reluctantly handed over the bouquet.  My aunt marched over to the DJ and had them do it again and I sat my twelve year old ass on the side lines and watched grown woman tackle each other in their Sunday best and fight until someone came up victorious with the bouquet.  Later that evening, my Uncle’s wife gave me her bouquet and I got my picture holding it.


You are only 12 years old! The bouquet toss is for the single woman. You are fucking up a sacred tradition!

So…  what is the point of me rambling on and on about this bouquet?  Well, the point is, from that moment on; I understood the sacredness of the bouquet toss.  Single women lived for it.  BD (before divorce) I was one of the single hopeful women that would march onto the dance floor in hopes that I would catch the bouquet and have the good luck to know I would get married next.  Even once I was engaged and married I enjoyed watching the single ladies go up for this tradition.  It’s always touched my heart.

However, you know life.  You know how various life events draw a line in the sand and you’re officially changed.  Your life is divided into two parts “before the shit happened” and “After the shit happened.”  And it didn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.  It’s just life… happens.

deep thought

However, you know life. You know how various life events draw a line in the sand and you’re officially changed. Your life is divided into two parts “before the shit happened” and “After the shit happened.” And it didn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. It’s just life… happens.

AD (after divorce), I haven’t gone up for the bouquet toss.  I revert back to that twelve year old little girl who understood the importance of women who had never been married having their moment of hope.  That moment was sacred.  So I sit in my chair and watch from the sidelines.  And the inevitable happens.  I get the looks from well meaning friends with the look of:

Why aren’t you going up there?

And I know it comes from a place of concern.  They want to make sure I am okay.  My anxiety doesn’t come from being sad about it, but it comes from knowing that I am going to have a minute of having to explain to someone why I am not going up to participate. And I don’t want to explain at a WEDDING that since my DIVORCE I no longer thought it was fair of me to go up for the toss.  I had already experienced being a bride.  In all actuality I was not single; I would never be single again.  I am a divorcee.  And please, Don’t cry for me Argentina.  I am okay with that.  I wear this badge with honor.  I am thankful for the person I have become AD.  And I know one day I will experience walking down the aisle again.  I am also fully aware this is one of my own quirks.  But for now, when you see  me or any other woman who is divorced sitting on the sidelines during the bouquet toss portion of the wedding reception, don’t look at us with pity, don’t think we are having a sad moment.  We are all good.  But sometimes we divorcées like to give our single sistas their moment.  Been there, done that… can write the book! LOL!


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Monday Memos


It’s that time again… #Mondaymemos!!!!

It’s that time again… #Mondaymemos.  I have to put out my usual disclaimer.  I AM NOT a dating expert.  I can only give advice based on my own experiences with dating.  So feel free to take the advice or if you completely disagree you can tell me to have several seats!  LOL!


Today’s Topic

Subject my girls were talking about… dating a guy with a vasectomy 46 2 divorces 3 kids but makes over 200k wants a life partner 5″6 and wants to travel the world with her really nice guy that jumps into relationships too soon would you date him for the fun and experience…

There are so many twists and turns to this topic/question.  So I am going to dissect it piece by piece and then draw my full conclusion.

Dating a guy with a vasectomy.

In recent years I have made it a point to ask a man from the very beginning of a relationship how he feels about having children.  Especially when it is a man who is of a certain age who already has children.  I NEVER ever thought that this would ever be something I had to think about when dating a man until I dated two not one but TWO men who were of a certain age and had children who were grown and they didn’t want more kids.  I understand their position completely.  However, it is MY belief when a man dates a woman of a certain age who does NOT have kids and wants to have them eventually, it is very selfish of a man to enter into a relationship and deny her of that gift.  It’s one thing if the woman does not want children of her own and trust and believe there are plenty of women out there who do not want to have children or for whatever reason cannot have children.  So that is a moot point.  But if you are a woman who wants to have children one day and a man enters a relationship with you who is not willing to make that happen (if you are entering into a serious long term committed relationship) I would keep it moving.  There are plenty of men out there who are willing and able to give you children and it is down right selfish for a man to deny you of that if that is something you want.  Don’t be afaid to have the conversation.


It is MY belief when a man dates a woman of a certain age who does NOT have kids and wants to have them eventually, it is very selfish of a man to enter into a relationship and deny her of that gift.

 46, 2 divorces, 3 kids but makes over $200K

The fact that he makes over $200K says to me that he can at least take care of his children.  There’s nothing worse than a man who has children and does not take care of them.  That is just downright trifling and shows he has a major character flaw.  Also, I am assuming his 3 kids were from his marriages.  I have no issue with a man having children but if he has 3 children from 3 different baby mommas and was never married… I’m looking at him with side eyes.  To me that shows lack of commitment, and apparently a shortage of condoms.  The fact that he has 2 divorces could be a little bit of a turn off, but again, shit happens in life.  I never thought I would have been divorced so I have learned to never say never or judge someone else’s marital woes.  There are two sides to every story.  For all you know, his first marriage could have been when he was in his early 20′s and didn’t know any better, and his second marriage could have just been to the wrong person.  At least he doesn’t have a fear of commitment.  And you never know… the 3rd time could be the charm. But I would definitely get to the bottom of the multiple marriages and find out what the Tea is.  Why did the marriages not last, what did he learn from it, what would he do differently, what is his expectation out of the relationship, etc.  Don’t be afraid to have the conversation.

Young couple in bed, looking away from each other

The fact that he has 2 divorces could be a little bit of a turn off, but again, shit happens in life. I never thought I would have been divorced so I have learned to never say never or judge someone else’s marital woes.


So he is a little man!  LOL!  Make sure he doesn’t have a  Napoleon complex.  I’m 5’8 without heels and typically wear heels so I stand at close to 6′ so I wouldn’t date a man that short.  Nor do I have experience in dating a man that short.  But I do find it funny that was part of the description.


I’m 5’8 without heels and typically wear heels so I stand at close to 6′ so I wouldn’t date a man that short…

Wants a life partner…Wants to travel the world with her…really nice guy that jumps into relationships too soon 

 What does that mean?  Is that all he wants?  Just a travel buddy who will travel the world, have sex with him, and then what?  Life partner?  Does that mean because he has been married before he doesn’t want to get married again and instead would just want a life partner not another wife?  I am sure he is a nice guy, but what is he looking for?  Don’t be afraid to have the conversation.


Wants a life partner…Wants to travel the world with her…

Would you date him for the fun and experience?

To sum this up, the answer to this question is twofold.  If you are a women, who already has kids, doesn’t want to have any, and really isn’t interested in marriage.  This man is an ideal candidate!  You two can travel the world together and make a nice life for yourself.  However, if you are a women who wants to have children or eventually wants marriage I would probably say keep it moving no matter how nice the guy is.  Sometimes we as women get into relationships thinking we can change a man’s decision.  What do I always say?   When a man tells you who he is, what he wants, and what he doesn’t want believe him!  The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a man who doesn’t want the same things as you do.  It doesn’t make either one of you wrong or right, it just means you should reevaluate getting into a relationship if neither person is getting what they want out of it.


Don’t be afraid to have the conversation.

In short, my advice is don’t be afraid to have that uncomfortable conversation to make sure you are on the same page.  It’s better to have it upfront before your are emotionally invested than to attempt to have it once feelings are involved.  The theme for today’s  #Mondaymemos is don’t be afraid to have the conversation.

Make it a great week ladies!!!!

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I Fell Off The Wagon!!!! The Conclusion


And we all know what happens when you have moved on and you’re not even thinking about a man…. HE RESURFACES. And do not even address the fact that they disappeared in the first place.

It’s amazing how much time we ladies can spend over analyzing a text or lack thereof!  So after freaking out about sending a text that could have possibly been misinterpreted as too pressed and not getting a response back from “Aaron” I decided to let well enough alone.  After all, he was fine and successful and so was I.  And one thing I do not do is CHASE.  I figured if he was interested he would know how to contact me.

The Christmas Holidays came and went.  And on Valentine’s Day out of the blue I get a text from “Aaron.”

HI Monique!  Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

Ummmm…. Really, get the fuck out here!  I really wanted to respond with a simply text that said, Fuck off!”  But instead I ignored it for a few hours and eventually settled on a response back to this clown.

Thank you.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well.

No exclamation.  No emotion.  No shade.  Just short and to the point.  His response.

Aaron:  Let’s get together soon.

Me:  Ok

Aaron:  I’m travelling this week.  I’ll give you a call when I get back to LA.

Me:  Safe travels.

 I thought I did well.  I didn’t think my annoyance showed through.  I didn’t look overly pressed.  And I left the ball n his court to see what he would do.  I gotta admit “Aaron” had game.  Sending me a Valentine’s Day text!  Hmmmm… Please.  And that “baby” bullshit was getting old.

I guess his plane had a long ass detour.  OR perhaps he relocated… or was kidnapped… but surprise… surprise… I never heard back from him!


I guess his plane had a long ass detour. OR perhaps he relocated… or was kidnapped… but surprise… surprise… I never heard back from him!

So I went on with my life.  And eventually “Aaron” became a distant memory filed under the “Got Lost in Cyberspace” section of my mental rolodex.

And we all know what happens when you have moved on and you’re not even thinking about a man…. HE RESURFACES.  Not only do they resurface but they do not even address the fact that they disappeared in the first place.  To the nosey men who read my blog, please riddle me this…. WHY DO YOU DO THAT SHIT?!  Don’t you know it drives us women nuts?  No to mention it’s downright rude!  There’s nothing wrong with a simple text that says:

So sorry I have fallen off the face of the earth and haven’t reached out to you in weeks.  But I was kidnapped and was just freed.  How are you?

Is that too much to ask?  You all ignoring the fact makes the shit so much worse!  There I go digressing!  Anyway… 3 months later “Aaron” sends me a text.

Hey baby.  I was thinking of you. 

This man is a damn fool!  And I really needed him to delete the word “baby” out of his vocabulary.  Because now it was beginning to be downright insulting, there was no mention of the fact that he didn’t follow through on his last text of reaching out to me when he got back in town.  The text that HE initiated!   And he sent me a random text 3 months later!  Puuleeze have several seats!  So I did what any woman with half a brain, common sense, and self esteem would do in this situation.  I didn’t respond and deleted the text!

I am so grown!  I am so wise!  I am so full of discernment!  My maturity and wisdom is something all women should emulate and follow!  LOL!


I was bored.  You know one of those nights when you feel like going out and doing something and all of your girls are either out of town, out with their boos, or just not in the mood to do anything.  I cracked open a bottle of Chasing Venus Sauvignon Blanc.  And after my second glass I did the Phone Scroll.  We are all guilty of this.  You either scroll through your contacts or you go through old text messages.  During my phone scroll I came across “Aaron’s” number and paused.  I started drafting a text message and then my Inner Loving Diva chimed in.


I was bored. You know one of those nights when you feel like going out and doing something and all of your girls are either out of town, out with their boos, or just not in the mood to do anything.

Stop!  What are you doing?!  This man is a fool.  He is inconsistent, he doesn’t follow through, he’s not deserving of your time! Don’t text him!

As you know this post is called I Fell Off The Wagon.  And I am sure you realized the sarcasm in the, “All women should follow and emulate me.”   I listened to my Inner Loving Diva and I didn’t text Aaron.  Instead I called him!  LOL!  I am a mess!  Ladies the first rule of thumb is to never make decisions after glass number 2 of wine!  I really didn’t expect for  “Aaron” to pick up the phone.  I was fully prepared to leave a message.  That’s when I realized, I didn’t think about what I would say in the voicemail!  Oh shit! I contemplated hanging up.  Shit!  Shit!  Shit!!!  Just as I was about to hang up “Aaron” actually answered the phone.

Aaron:  What a pleasant surprise.  What’s up baby?

There he goes with that “baby” shit.

Me:  Hey Aaron how have you been?

Aaron:  I’ve been good.  You have been on my mind.

ME:  Really?

Oh shit, I hope I didn’t sound too “Sister Girl” when I replied.  I knew this man was full of shit!  If he had been thinking about me his black ass would have called!  Why lie!  But I didn’t want him to think I gave a shit.

Aaron:  Yeah.  How have you been?

Me:  I’ve been great.

Aaron:  We need to get together for dinner.  What are you up to on Tuesday?

I was taken aback.  Was “Aaron” actually asking me out on a date?  And what the fuck was I doing?  Why would I go out with this man at this point?  But like I said for some reason I had suddenly reverted back to the 20 year old version of me that I thought I had laid to rest a few years back.  We women all have that vulnerable, silly girl, that doesn’t go with the facts and is hopeful that a fool will turn into a Prince, blinded by looks and charm.  I figured it would be nice to be out with a man I was actually attracted to.  I could feel My Inner Loving Diva shaking her head in disapproval of this.  But I ignored her!

ME:  I’m actually free. 

Aaron:  Let’s say 8pm on Tuesday.  I’ll text you that afternoon with the location.

Me:  Okay. Cool.

I figured “Aaron” would do exactly what he has done every single time…  Nothing.  But to my surprise Tuesday afternoon I got a text from “Aaron.”

Looking forward to seeing you.  I made reservations at the Huntley Hotel Penthouse Restaurant.  I changed the time to 7:30 so we could watch the Sunset.   See you soon.

Yaaaaaaas!  That was one of my favorite locations in Santa Monica.  So far so good.  Perhaps “Aaron” was redeeming himself.

Tuesday evening I found myself making my way to Santa Monica.  Because of the location of the date I was able to pull out a new dress I was waiting to have an occasion to wear.  When the elevator doors opened to the Penthouse Restaurant there “Aaron” was.  I forget how handsome he was.  There he stood all 6’7 of him in a custom suit looking so fresh and so clean.  Damn!  He gave me a long tight hug.  And as Whitney Houston said in Waiting to Exhale when she danced with that fool on New Year’s Eve.  I exhaled.  (I am so dramatic!!!  LOL!)


He ordered a great bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Nothing was off limits. We ate like royalty. It was great. The conversation flowed.

The hostess walked us to our table.   I could feel “Aaron’s” strong hand on my back guiding me to the table.  He ordered a great bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.  Nothing was off limits.  We ate like royalty.  It was great.  The conversation flowed.  Of course I decided to address the pink elephant in the room.

Me:  I’m glad we finally had a chance to connect.  Although it’s taken damn near 6 months.

Aaron:  I know.  I had to tie up some loose ends.

I knew it!  And we all know what “loose ends” meant.

Me:  So are those ends tied up?

Aaron:  They are.  So we should focus on the here and the now and the future and not the past.

Oh, this fool was good!  Real smooth.  We continued with the date.  He held my hand at certain point during the dinner.  He walked me out to valet and we had a great good night kiss.  When I got home I saw he sent me a text.

Aaron:  Hey Baby.  Did you get home safely?

Me:   I just got in.  Thanks for a nice evening.

Aaron:  Sweet dreams baby.

And that is exactly what I did.  I slept like a baby.  The next day I went to work.  Of course I checked my phone periodically to see if there was going to be another text… NOTHING!  That evening no phone call.  And I wasn’t about to call him.

When 2 weeks came and went and I heard nothing from “Aaron” I realized I wasn’t going to hear from him.  He was indeed full of shit.  And he never pretended not to be.  I thought about the date, this bastard probably used his expense account to take me out.  Afterall he made sure we went out during the week. He probably chose The Huntley Hotel Penthouse, not just for the great views of the ocean but probably in hopes he could get a hotel room at the end of the evening if necessary (For the record:  you already know that didn’t go down and wasn’t even a consideration in my mind).

I had temporarily Fell off the Wagon of good common sense by going out with him in the first place.  And I couldn’t blame “Aaron” it was all me!  It’s easy to do when everyone around you is in a relationship and you feel like the last man standing or when you are genuinely attracted to someone and hopeful that it could turn into something.  But this man had told me exactly who he was.  And I couldn’t even be mad at him.  Now that I had returned to Orbit, I looked up his number in my phone and I did what I should have done months ago.  I deleted it.  I didn’t want to be tempted to reach out to his ass in a bored moment.  If he ever reached out again I wouldn’t know the number but I am sure I would figure it out and send his ass to voicemail.

A few weeks later a very reliable source (a good blogger never gives away their source) gave me the Tea on “Aaron,” I didn’t even ask, but his name came up in conversation.  Come to find out “Aaron” did indeed have a girlfriend of 6 years, was screwing the manicurist on the side.  The manicurist new about the girlfriend and had met the girlfriend on numerous occasions.  The girlfriend knew her to be a “friend” of “Aaron.”  Or as they put it, they were like brother and sister.  AND on top of that “Aaron” still had occasional “tune-ups” from his baby momma!  My goodness!  Talk about a top candidate for STD alert.  I found it mind boggling that the Manicurist was screwing this man with all of this information.  But her low self esteem wasn’t my problem!


A very reliable source gave me the Tea on “Aaron.”

I had to laugh at myself.  Like I said, we have to learn not to ignore the whispers of our Inner Loving Diva.  When shit ain’t right we know it ain’t right.

I admit I had a temporary moment of stupidity.  It happens to the best of us!  I’m human.  I would never write this blog and pretend that I am perfect and don’t have moments of dating regrets because of my own stupidity.  Men will tell you who they are if you listen.  It’s up to you to make a wise decision based on what they tell you as well as their actions.

When you are single for a while it is easy to be vulnerable to bullshit and have a weak moment.  To be honest, I think there is something so pure about vulnerability.  (I didn’t say stupidity.)  It was nice to know I could still be vulnerable.  It made me know there was still a slight innocence to me that I hadn’t let the years of bad dates, divorce, and disappointments diminish.  It was comforting to know I hadn’t lost my sense of hopefulness and at the core of me there was still tenderness and not a bitter hard heart!  Yes I Fell off the wagon.  But like they say, it’s not about the fall.  It’s about how you get back up.    


Monique K.Bradley



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Monday Memos fka Monday Morning Memos…

Secretive Men

Do you have any experience with secretive men? This seems to be a common type I come across. With some of them, they end up being complete cons (like leading a double life) but the one I’m seeing now is secretive, although he may not intend to be and probably isn’t hiding anything.

I know it’s past the morning hours and this is was orginally called Monday Morning Memos.  So I have revised the name to Monday Memos.  It’s less pressure on me to get the post out in the morning.  You know I am not a morning person by nature!  LOL!  But hey… better late than never.

And remember my disclaimer…  I am not a dating expert.  It’s the blind leading the blind.  I can only give advice based on my own personal experiences and feelings.  Enjoy!

Today’s Topic 

Do you have any experience with secretive men? This seems to be a common type I come across. With some of them, they end up being complete cons (like leading a double life) but the one I’m seeing now is secretive, although he may not intend to be and probably isn’t hiding anything.

As a woman if you have dated long enough you will come across a secretive man.  This is NEVER a good thing.  I always found it interesting when I meet women who are dating a man who has said the following statement to them…

I’m not looking for anything serious.  I just want to see where things go.  I am not looking for a relationship. 

If you are looking for the same thing then that’s fine.  However, if you are looking for something serious and a man makes that statement RUN RUN RUN for the hills.  Because he has told you who he is.  And no matter what, you will catch feelings and eventually be disappointed when he isn’t giving you what you want out of the relationship.  And inevitability you will end up having that uncomfortable conversation.

Woman:  Where are we going?  We have been together for (XXX amount of time) and I feel like this relationship isn’t going anywhere.

Secretive Man:  I told you from the beginning I wasn’t looking for anything serious.  I just want to see where things go.

And before you know it, you wake up and realize you have given this man 5+ years of your life and have no commitment from him because you didn’t listen to what he said from the beginning of the “relationship.”  This is a true story.  A woman I know was with a man who was secretive and made that statement and she wasted her GOOD years on a fool!  I know some of you are wondering what the hell that has to do with the topic on hand!  A LOT!

My point is when a man tells you who he is… BELIEVE him!  Sometimes a mans actions speak even louder than his words.  If you are dating a man for some time and you haven’t met his friends or family.  You are more than likely the jump off or there is someone else that is hanging with the friends and meeting the family and that person is NOT YOU!  The fact that you are even questioning it is your Inner Loving Diva trying to tell you that shit ain’t right!  I do not know if women stick around with men like this because they think they are going to change or they feel like there is a shortage of men and you have to just date anyone that gives you the time of day… but that isn’t the case.  NO amount of great sex, great cooking, and great conversation is going to change that man.  If he doesn’t see you as someone he wants around his family and friends… He is not the one for you.  Notice I didn’t say He’s Just Not That Into You.  I hate that damn book!  Because it implies that it’s something the woman has done that makes the man not be into you. And that’s not the case.  A man not wanting to be with doesn’t have shit to do with who you are or your worth as a woman.  Any way… I digressed.

So what do you do if you failed to listen to your Inner Loving Diva and you have now caught feelings for a “secretive” guy?  Have an honest conversation.  Face to face, not through text, and definitely not over the phone.  Give him the opportunity to explain what’s going.  Look him in the eye and get the answers you need.  Not what you WANT to hear but what you NEED to make a wise decision.   Before you have the conversation, you have to be willing and able to walk away if the explanation is not honoring who you are.

However, my dear, I have a sneaking suspicion you already know the Tea on this man!  The time you are wasting on the “Secretive” man could be taking away from you dating the MOST important person in your life… YOURSELF!  By dating Yourself and not being afraid to be alone you realize your self worth and never allow yourself to be in a situation where you are with a man who is not honoring who you are and shouting from rooftops, That’s my baby!!!

keep your man interested in you

By dating Yourself and not being afraid to be alone you realize your self worth and never allow yourself to be in a situation where you are with a man who is not honoring who you are and shouting from rooftops, That’s my baby!!!

To answer your question… No, I do not have experience with dating “Secretive” men because when my Inner Loving Diva tells me something ain’t right, I keep it moving.  It doesn’t mean I haven’t made other dating mistakes or fell for some other BS.  As you will see in the conclusion of I Fell Off The Wagon (post coming later this week). I almost fell for the okie-doke!  But when your intuition is telling you something follow it!  You know this man isn’t right and you also know feeling like you are someone’s secret lover is not what you want.  So do NOT push down the feeling.  And keep it moving!


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I Fell Off The Wagon!!!! Part Two

Aaron Text

I had to be up for an early morning meeting the very next day. And “Aaron” actually remembered!

So we were off to a great start.  He texted me back immediately.  The next morning he sent me another text.  I had a great time at the Holiday party and had to be up for an early morning meeting the very next day.  It was brutal too.  And “Aaron” actually remembered!

Aaron:  Just checking in.  How did you make out with your early morning meeting? 

Me:  IT was brutal but I made it.

Aaron:  I figured it would be.  Glad you made it.

Me:  Thank you.

Simple but sweet.  That was a great way to start off a long work day!  I decided to leave the text message at that.  I didn’t want to do the overkill.  And like I said, when I like a guy, I am too much in my head over analyzing everything I say and do on text messages.  I NEVER want to come off as the desperado 30+ single woman the media portrays.  SO I try to play it cool.  I also understand in the past I have been so worried about coming off desperate that I can come off uninterested.  It is a very fine line.  To be honest I Haven’t mastered it.  But I am a WIP (work in progress).

So…. I have to admit it… I know I am not the only woman who does this… Periodically through the day I checked my phone to see if there was a text.  Yes this is me when I am somewhat interested or excited about the prospect of someone.  I thought perhaps “Aaron” would send me a text again or something.  My goodness I love the feeling of the butterflies but I hate the anxiety of the unknown.  Why can’t you just run off in the sunset and live happily ever after without this part?!  Am I asking for too much?  I mean really!  Anyway I digressed…  My point, I was looking forward to my next interaction with “Aaron.”

So the day came and went…nothing.  Okay… that’s fine.  WE just met.  I was playing just as cool as he was.  Besides it was the Holiday season.  He could have been out Christmas shopping.  The next day came and went… NOTHING!  WTF?!  Finally 5 days passed and I didn’t hear from “Aaron.”  Did I imagine a connection in my mind?  I was becoming a woman on the verge!  So of course I did what all women do… I called my girlfriend.


Did I imagine a connection in my mind? I was becoming a woman on the verge!

Girlfriend:  So… what’s going on with this mystery man.

Me:  Exactly that!  A damn mystery.  I haven’t heard from him!!!

Girlfriend:  Really?  When was the last time you all enteracted.

Me:  Over a text the day after we met.

Girlfriend:  And he has reached out since then?

ME: No!

Side note:  To all the nosey men reading my blog, I am really letting you in on the secret lives of women and how we communicate when you dumb asses aren’t stepping up!  It stresses us the fuck out!  So if you are a man who recently met a woman and you’re interested in her, please do NOT play the Play it Cool dance.  It drives us nuts!  Okay.  I had to get that out… Back to the conversation with my girlfriend.

Girlfriend:  Well, why don’t you send him a txt.  It’s a good time of the afternoon.  He might be out Christmas shopping.

ME:  I don’t want to look pressed!

Girlfriend:  Why are you always so worried about looking pressed?  Have you been calling him everyday? Or texting him every hour?

Me: No.

Girlfriend:  Then send his ass a text!

Me:  Alight!

I hung up with her.  And after several drafts settled I sent my text.

Me:  Hey “Aaron” how’s everything going?  Did you finish your Christmas shopping?

And I did what I always do when I do not want to be stuck waiting on a response.  I took my phone downstairs and then went back upstairs and started straightening up.  I didn’t want to drive myself NUTS waiting on his response.  Fifteen minutes later I heard my phone go off alerting me of a text.

Aaron:  I’m almost done.  How about you?

Me:  Just finished.  Thanks God!

Aaron:  Good baby.

Ummmmm…. Baby?  Really?   Hmmmm…. Why is a man who hasn’t even called me all damn week calling me baby?  WTF is up with that?  And furthermore, why in the hell did a part of me like it?  What is going on with me?  Am I losing all types of sense?  How do I respond to that?  What do I say?  I don’t want to not respond.  So I said…

Me:  That made me smile.

I was hoping that would be sufficient.  When I didn’t get a response 3 hours later I went into panic mode!  I called 3 different girlfriends. Read the text to them and got 3 different theories.


I called 3 different girlfriends. Read the text to them and got 3 different theories.

  1.  You should have just sent him a smiley face. Instead of saying that text made you smile.
  2.  Why are you worrying yourself over it?  There’s nothing wrong with the text.  He’s probably busy with last minute holiday shopping.
  3.  He clearly has some other bitch on the side.  Are you sure he wasn’t with that manicurist?

All theories were valid and I was thinking the same thing.  I know I get turned off when a man comes on too strong too fast.  Or worse yet I like it and then it fizzle out quickly but this was confusing.  But something definitely was up.  My Inner Loving Diva chimed in…

Something ain’t right.  He’s inconsistent already.  And more than likely there’s something up with him and that manicurist.  They might say they are just friends.  But maybe they are friends with benefits!  Either.  He might be fine and charming.  But he is clearly not correct.

I listened to the Whisper of my inner loving diva.  And guess what I did.  I pushed down the feeling and reasoned with myself.

It’s the Holiday season.  I’m expecting too much too soon.  Let me just play this one out…

Remember what I said in my last post about when you do not listen to the early Whisper of your Inner Loving Diva….

To Be Continued…

Monday Morning Memos…


My Inner Loving Diva… That inner voice that guides you and let’s you know when something isn’t right. It’s a strong force that penetrates through your being and tells you that something is or isn’t right.

I’m switching things up!  As you all know, I went through 2 1/2 weeks of serious Writer’s Block.  I mean serious serious serious writer’s block!  During that time I asked my readers and followers to send me some topics of discussion.  And I am grateful that I got some great topics and questions.  Now let me first say this…. And I know I say it all the time… But I feel the need to reiterate it.  I am not a dating expert.  I am in no way pretending to be a dating expert and have all the answers.  It’s the blind leading the fucking blind around here!  LOL!  All I can do is tell you my opinion and my experiences and what I’ve learned from them.  From there it is up to you to decipher what perils of wisdom work for you and which ones you can tell me to have several seats on.  So moving forward, each Monday, I am introducing Monday Morning Memos.   I will take the time out to answer a topic or a dating/relationship question and give my opinions.  With that here is the Inaugural Monday Morning Memo post!  Enjoy!


Following your gut in dating/a relationship.  If we could all learn to do this better, maybe we’d avoid a lot of heartbreak. How do you tune into your gut? How do you know what it is saying vs. your mind or your heart?

I refer to my gut as my Inner Loving Diva.  Because that’s exactly what your gut is.  It is that inner voice that guides you and let’s you know when something isn’t right.  It’s a strong force that penetrates through your being and tells you that something is or isn’t right.  However, I didn’t learn to truly listen to my Inner Loving Diva until after my marriage fell apart.  Ironically that guiding force was with me the entire relationship.  Screaming that it wasn’t the right relationship and NOT to get married.  But I pushed it down.  I reasoned with myself.  Even when you aren’t following your gut the universe will give you signs.  BIG signs to run and reevaluate.  The difference between knowing it is your Inner Loving Diva vs. your mind or heart is it will keep coming up in phases.  I call this phase 1 The Whispers.

Phase 1- The Whispers 

This is when something isn’t feeling right.  You feel it in your spirit.  But you reason with yourself or push it down and tell yourself the following things…

  1.  It’s all in my head, I’m making shit up…
  2. I’m being selfish…
  3. I’m being childish…
  4. Maybe it’s not as bad as I thought…
  5. I’m expecting too much…
  6. I’m being ridiculous…

Those thoughts are what i refer to as the whispers.  Your antenna is up.  The second that antenna goes up its your Inner Loving Diva letting you know it’s time to take a pause and reflect.  It doesn’t mean you leave the relationship.  It doesn’t mean your with the wrong person.  But you do not ignore those feelings.  You investigate it with time.  There is something that is causing you to feel that way.  It might be valid and it might be bullshit.  But your Inner Loving Diva is telling you to reflect and not push down the feeling.

Phase 2- The Nudge

The next phase is what I call The Nudge.  This happens two different ways.  It happens when you are either pushing down the Whispers or you stop and reflect.

hands on ears

The Nudge- happens when you are either pushing down the Whispers or you stop and reflect.

Either way the universe will let you know shit ain’t right or will lead you to the truth.  Your Inner Loving Diva will try to warn you, will try to Nudge you.  There were so many warnings prior to my engagement and wedding that was my Inner Loving Diva’s way of nudging me that I was about to make a mistake if I went through the wedding.  Blatant signs!  Tangible evidence!  Those were red flags that are screaming out:


I had this happen a week before I got married.  The nudging that I was about to make a mistake.  If you are a loyal reader to my blog you know I do not go into details about my marriage.  There are some things that are not meant to be shared with the world.  But trust me when I say, you know when the nudge occurs.  And it can be multiple different nudges.  And if you still decide to ignore your Inner Loving Diva.  That’s when Phase 3 comes.

Phase 3-  The Shake-Up

Once you have pushed down the signs and ignored The Nudge.  That’s when the shake up happens.  That’s when the inciting indecent occurs.  The incident/ occurrence that shakes you to your core.  It knocks you to your knees.  You are no longer able to push down the voice of your Inner Loving Diva or ignore the nudges because you are faced with what you were most terrified of… THE TRUTH.  And when the shake up happen it forever changes you life and your perspective.  Its actually a blessing.  The Shake Up forces you to listen to you Inner Loving Diva.  It’s the “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda” moment.  It’s the “What was I thinking” moment.  It’s the moment when you reflect back to the initial Whisper and realize the force within you is strong and will protect you.


The Shake Up- The incident/ occurrence that shakes you to your core. It knocks you to your knees… You are faced with what you were most terrified of… THE TRUTH.

As you learn to listen to you Inner Voice aka your gut you won’t have to experience the shake up.  You learn to know the difference between your heart/mind vs. your Inner Loving Diva.  As you become more in tune with your gut, it becomes easier to decipher the difference and you learn to stop and listen.  Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is take a moment to stop, be still, be silent, and listen.  Your gut tells you everything you need to know.  And the day we decide to follow it and listen to it.  Is the day when you grow and you don’t have to go to Phase 3 The Shake Up.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t slip up from time to time and have to get the nudge.  You’re still human.

You will see how I slipped up recently and went to Phase 2 in the conclusion of my last post I Fell Of The Wagon.  Part 2 coming this week!  I know you didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging!

Meanwhile, take time this week to stop, be still, be silent, and listen!  Your Inner Loving Diva will never steer you wrong….

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I Fell Off The Wagon!!! Part One


It happens. I’m human… Writer’s Block and life got the best of me…

It happens.  I’m human.  When I started this blog, I promised myself if I didn’t write shit that was authentic, genuine, honest, and real I wouldn’t write shit at all!  Hence my 2 ½ week hiatus writer’s block and life just got the best of me.   What can I say…? But I’m back!

So… I fell off the wagon.  After all of my growth, insight, wisdom, and discernment, I reverted back to a 23 year old fool!  Smh!  Here is my confession of my own foolery!

Back in December my close girlfriend and her husband had a Christmas party.  IT wasn’t just any ordinary Christmas party.  This was a high end extravaganza!  They decorated their estate… yes I said estate to the nines in the classiest, chicest Christmas decorations, there was an abundance of gourmet food, a bartender was mixing drinks with premium liquors and high end wines, and their was a great mix of guests.  It was a wonderful evening.  I didn’t plan on meeting anyone.  Trust me, I’m used to going to these Holiday parties solo.  And Don’t cry for me Argentina.  I say that with contentment.  Like I said, I am in a place where I am truly enjoying my Singledom and it feels so good!  Anyway, I’m digressing… My point, I didn’t go to this event planning on meeting ANYONE.  I went with the full intention of enjoying the food, drink, and company.

To my surprise while having a conversation with one of my girlfriend’s guests, I looked up and there stood an extremely attractive man.  He had to be at least 6’5, he had a low cut fade, well groomed facial hair.  If you looked up MONIQUE’S IDEAL MAN APPEARANCE his picture would come up immediately!  We caught each other’s eyes and he smiled at me revealing a set of perfectly straight white teeth.  And of course I gave him my million dollar mega watt smile back (for those who are new to this blog I might sound completely narcissistic, but if you don’t toot your own horn… damn it who will?)  Just as I was doing cartwheels internally a young woman walked up next to him and handed him a drink.  DAMN!  Of course he was with someone!  Why in the world would Murphy’s Law let me have the story line of “I met my husband when I least expected it…”  Although that seemed to be the bullshit story all these other women who were in new relationships were trying to sell.  I know I sound cynical…  Of course that wouldn’t be the case for me.  My inner loving diva consoled me, Keep your head up.  At least your girlfriend made sure she has plenty of bottles of your favorite wines.   SO I continued enjoying the wine and conversation of a fabulous Holiday party and kept my distance from the attractive man.


And I could also tell that if he told her he wanted to date her she would be joining my internal gymnastics team and be doing cartwheels too!

When going back to the massive gourmet food to get my 10th plate of food I bumped into Dreamboat and his date.  They introduced themselves to me.  I discovered “Aaron” was from the Midwest.  He handled Hedge Funds for a major financial company.  And his date was my girlfriend’s husband’s manicurist.  And as a side note… no I do not find anything wrong with a well groomed man.  As long as he doesn’t have a clear coat of polish on that completely acceptable.   I found that to be an interesting combination.  Call me a snob… Hell, I’ll call myself a snob.  But how in the hell would an educated successful man, be hooked up with a manicurist?!  So I asked the question as tactfully as I could.  Hell I was nosey and wanted to get the Tea!

Me:  How long have you two been together?

Aaron and Manicurist: (in unison) We are JUST friends!

Me:  Really?  Well you know what they say about friends.  They  make the best relationships.

Now you already know I was just making conversation.  I was actually doing more internal cartwheels when they told me the news.  And when they said it in unison “Aaron” slightly turned off by the idea and The Manicurist just shook her head.

The Manicurist:  He’s like a brother to me.  We would never date.

Although she said that, any other woman knows when another woman isn’t being honest with herself.  I could totally tell she liked him. And I could also tell that if he told her he wanted to date her she would be joining my internal gymnastics team and be doing cartwheels too!  But hey, that’s not my problem and this woman wasn’t my friend.  And I specifically asked them if we were dating and they both adamantly denied it!  So I believe in taking people for their word.

The Manicurist went off to get another drink and “Aaron” stayed there and we continued to talk.  I found out he was 43 years old, had never been married but had a 7 year old daughter.  He literally lived down the street from me.  Then we started talking about relationships and work life balance.

Aaron:  Maybe you could help me with work life balance.  I have a tendency to be bad with that.

Me:  It has to be a conscious effort.  You have to have a life or you’ll miss moments.

Aaron:  I wouldn’t want to miss any moments with you…

Such a corny ass line.  So cheesy.  But between the drinks and looking up to his 6’6 build I didn’t give a shit.  I was enjoying the moment.

Aaron:  Here’s my card.  My cell phone is on it.  Please give me a call.  As a matter of fact, send me a text right away so I have your number.

Me:  Sure.  I’ll do that. 

In an effort to not risk becoming a Stage 5 clinger, I circulated through the party.  Throughout the evening I would catch him checking me out.

Before “Aaron” and the manicurist left the party, he came over and gave me a hug.  As he hugged me he reminded me to send him the text.  He said it loud enough for The Manicurist to hear it.  So it wasn’t like he was being sneaky.

Of course the usual happens when you meet someone a a friends party during the after party clean up.  I call it the Aftermath.

Girlfriend:  So what was the deal with you and that guy?  He couldn’t stop staring at you all night. 

Me: He seemed cool.  At first I thought he was with the Manicurist.

Girlfriend:  I don’t think so.  Did you exchange numbers?

Me:  He gave me his card and asked me to text him my info.  But I’ll wait until tomorrow.

Girlfriend:  Why would you do that?

Me:  I don’t want to seem pressed. 

Girlfriend:  Are you crazy?!  There’s a lot of woman who aren’t pressed sitting around still SINGLE.  You better text that man and stop playing games!

ME:  You know what… You’re right!

Text Messaging

Why is it when you like a guy you become so self conscious about everything you do? From leaving a text to leaving a voice mail… it’s not a simple task.

I went into the guest bedroom and grabbed my phone.  You know you have a great girlfriend when they make it a point to give you your own room in their house so you never have to worry about driving home under the influence.  I grabbed my phone.  Why is it when you like a guy you become so self conscious about everything you do?  From leaving a text to leaving a voice mail… it’s not a simple task.  after several rough drafts I settled with:

It was great meeting you tonight.  Here’s my info.

Within seconds “Aaron” responded:

It was great meeting you as well.  I look forward to keeping in touch and getting to know you more.


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