Holiday Blind Date Challenge


At the end of the date he told her, “I know what you’re up to and you can tell Thursday and Friday you already have plans.”

The holidays can be a little trying for us single girls.  From the Kay Jeweler “Every Kiss Begins with K” commercials with the staged engagement scenes, to the Lexus commercials where the husband surprises his wife with a brand new Lexus in the driveway with a huge red bow, it can make you sit on the couch with your glass of wine and feel lonely as hell… If you allow it to.  After being in a marriage where I experienced what it meant to spend the holiday season married but lonelier than ever, I embrace being alone but NOT lonely.  But at the same time I would be lying to you if I told you that every once in a while when I watch those commercials I don’t think to myself, “Awww… that would be nice.”  (Not an engagement ring from Kay Jewelers either… just to be clear)  As soon as the commercials started to play, I prepared myself for the Holiday Season.  And my inner loving Diva gave me a pre-Holiday pep talk, “This year, you are going to embrace your singledom for the Holidays.  You are going to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.  You will not be sucked into that Woe is me bullshit!”  And with that I came up with a fun way to spend the Holidays and make it a little unpredictable.  One of my mother’s close friends was a famous bestselling author.  She had such a fun personality and it was always enjoyable to be around her and her family.  She and her husband met later on in life and they had a mutual respect and adoration they shared for each other.  He was supportive of her successful career and encouraged her.  And in turn she loved and respected that man as well.  She passed away a few years ago and the love that he had shared with her is something that really honored the vow, “Till death do we part…”  My mother was in town last month for some quality mother-daughter time and her friend’s husband met up with us.  He is one of my “adopted” uncles.  You know, one of those men who look out for you like you are their own daughter.  We were laughing and reminiscing about his wife.  And I asked him the story of how they met.

She was about your age at the time.  She was still living back east and was planning a trip out to LA to visit some friends.  And you know she had a lot of spunk.  She told each of her girlfriends that she wanted them to fix her up on a different blind date each day she was in LA.  I was Wednesday.  We just connected when we met.  It felt right.  At the end of the date I told her “I know what you’re up to and you can tell Thursday and Friday you already have plans.”  And as they say, “The rest is history.”  We were inseparable until her dying day.

I looked at my “adoptive” uncle’s eyes.  There was such a genuine love as he told the story.  You could tell he missed his soul mate but you could also feel and hear the cherished moments that they shared between the two of them.

And to think she was about my age at the time of their first date.  At the end of the day, she took a chance, humbled herself (in a fun way) and was bold enough to tell her girlfriends to make things happen!  And look how that turned out.  So in her memory I went home that evening and I sent 6 of my married and/or in serious relationship girlfriends the November Blind Date Challenge as an inbox message on Facebook.  I thought what the hell!  I don’t have shit to lose.


I looked at my “adoptive” uncle’s eyes. There was such a genuine love as he told the story. You could tell he missed his soul mate but you could also feel and hear the cherished moments that they shared between the two of them.

Hello Ladies! I hope all is well. This is NOT a random chain email. In honor of my mother’s close friend I am doing a November/December challenge. She and her husband met on a blind date. She was coming to LA on vacation and she told each of her friends to set her up on a date for each night she was here. She met her husband on Wednesday. When she met him he told her to cancel Thursday-Sunday dates. And they were married until she passed away a few years ago. That being said I wanted to reach out to my friends who are already married or in a serious relationship and give you all the challenge of setting me up on blind dates for the next month. I trust all of your judgments and I know you all know me we’ll enough to pick great men. As you all know I am a dating blogger. Although I change names, occupations, and locations if you prefer I not write about any of the guys you set me up with let me know and I will respect that request. Let’s see who wins this challenge out of the crew! If you have any questions you know how to reach me!

And I was surprised by the excitement from my girlfriends and their mates.  I love having a competitive, loving group of friends.  Each of them are determined to win the challenge.  I made sure not to give them explicit instructions on what I wanted and the type of men they should pick.  Instead I am trusting the process and looking forward to what happens.  This will also make the Holiday season a little less predictable.  We’ll see what happens.  As we kick off this Holiday season my challenge to you is to be open.  Instead of focusing on what you don’t have focus on what you have and where you are going.  Do something unpredictable.  Humble yourself to the possibilities.  Drink lots of wine, eat without worrying about calories, go to the gym to burn off those unknown calories, smile at strangers, and live each day like you are a reality star on the show called YOUR LIFE.


Monique K.Bradley



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What Carmen Jones (the original serial dater) Taught Me…


When I first saw Carmen Jones, I was enthralled by her presence. She was unapologetic; she went after what she wanted, and did it all looking like a million bucks! She was my inspiration.

I was around 10 years old when I first saw Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen Jones.  Up to that point I was fascinated by Lena Horne’s beauty, Bette Davis’ diva attitude, and Marilyn Monroe’s sex appeal.  I have always been drawn to the glamorous divas of the 1950’s… go figure!  But when I first saw Carmen Jones, I was mesmerized by how she encompassed all three of the traits.  She had presence.  She was unapologetic; she went after what she wanted, and did it all looking like a million bucks!  She was my inspiration.  And to this day whenever this movie is on I stop everything I am doing, sit down and watch it with the same fascination I had as a 10 year old little girl.  Dorothy Dandridge would have been 91 last week.  In honor of her birthday I wanted to pay a tribute to her and the character that changed my life.  Carmen Jones the original serial dater.  Here’s what Carmen Jones taught me:

Be the life of the party!


Go after what you want. 

Carmen- go after what you want


It’s okay to cater to your man and take care of him. 

Carmen Jones (1954) 11

Never be with a man who tries to keep you in a box


There’s nothing wrong with excitement when you are dating

Carmen- Excitement

When dating your philosophy should be:  May the best man win!  Too many times we are trying to win over the man instead of it being the other way around.      


Don’t settle for less than what you want.

Carmen- no box

Having good girlfriends in the process of dating who have your back and love you unconditionally is priceless.

Carmen- friends

Always, always, always wear you lipstick, do your hair, keep your nails done, and be on your A game.  You never know when you will bump into Mr. Right.  NOT to mention the better you look the better you feel for yourself.

Carmen- beauty

Don’t be afraid to keep it moving when you aren’t getting what you want out of the relationship

carmen- KIM



Carmen- worth

Don’t be the silly naive girl in the relationship.  Always keep your power.

Carmen- niave

Passion is a MUST!

carmen kissing


Every diva wants a man who gives her a little bit of a challenge.   “You go for me and I’m taboo, but if you’re hard to get I go for you, and when I do then you are through boy.  My baby that’s the end of you!”

Carmen- challenge

Let the man take care of you!

Carmen- man take care of you

Be with a man who loves you a little more than you love him.

Carmen- man love more

Be unapologetic for who you are and what you want in life.

Carmen Jones

Pillow Talk


There are also those feelings of insecurity and craziness all women experience at the beginning of a new relationship. It can be down right exhausting and drive you bat shit crazy!

I’m baaack!!!!  I have to apologize to my loyal readers.  When I am on heavy business travel it gets a little difficult to post my blogs.  You know what they say about excuses and I do not believe in using tools of incompetence.  And I most certainly will not put up some random bullshit.  I love y’all too much for that.  So… I am still kind of seeing someone!  Pause for reaction and gasps.  Like I said before I haven’t liked someone consistently since 1932.  And I am still sticking with keeping my guy a man of mystery.  But I must say it has been an adjustment.  I have spent so much time talking about shitty dates, crazy men, losers, freaks, disappointments, etc.  It has been interesting to really enjoy someone and know the feeling is mutual.  I was not expecting it.  See, married people.  That bullshit phrase that drives me and all single women nuts, ”You’ll find the man when you’re not looking,”  has officially been proven to be utter condescending bullshit.  What you should say to your single friends is, “Put yourself out there.  You will not meet the right guy if you aren’t actively looking.  It might be an unexpected surprise.”   Do you see the difference?   I just have such an issue with women who get in serious relationships and marriages and then get sudden amnesia of what it was like to be single.  It drives me absolutely nuts!!! I really want to stress this point.  Anyway… I digressed.

Being in this new… relationship (it’s scary to actually put that word in writing) definitely brings up a lot for me.  The last time I really liked someone consistently I ended up marrying him and we know how that ended.  So I find myself wanting to do things completely different this time.  After going through the heartache and devastation of meeting someone and realizing that the person you fell in love with was not who they really were it takes time to learn to trust yourself again.  And no, I am not being closed or guarded.  I am acknowledging the feeling and allowing myself to feel it so I can address it and move on.  Lots of times, we as women don’t allow ourselves to have a feeling because it seems wrong, we then hold it in, and from there disaster!  But there are also those feelings of insecurity and craziness all women experience at the beginning of a new relationship.  Is he going to call?  When is he going to call?  Does he really like me?  Where the fuck is this going?   Should I call him?   He hasn’t responded to my text right away does that mean he doesn’t like me… Is he dating anyone else?   Is he fucking anyone else?  How soon is too soon to finally give him some?   Once I do give him some will things change?  Does he want a relationship?  What is he thinking?   Are we on the same page?  It can be down right exhausting.  You want to pull your hair out at the frustration sometimes!  In my 20’s BM (before marriage) I would have these conversations with the dating experts…. My girlfriends (side eye).  I love them but my goodness getting advice from your girls can drive you bat shit crazy if you’re not secure in your relationship.  It will have you second guessing everything.  One thing I have valued PD (post divorce) and now being a woman in my 30’s is my growth.  I have been through the storm and have a heightened awareness of who I am, what I am looking for in a relationship, and I am unapologetic for it.  Instead of going to my girlfriends to figure out what the hell is going on with my and the new guy I decided to do something completely different.  I decided to go straight to the source.  The Guy!  What a concept!  I was nervous as hell too.  Because there was the possibility he would say something that would turn me off completely and our last few months of getting to know each other and courting and me letting my guard down would quickly turn into yet another post about yet another dating disaster.  After another great date we were hanging out at my house and I had my issue of Essence magazine out on my coffee table.  (Yes ladies, he does know about the blog and guess what he didn’t run away.  He doesn’t read it yet… thank goodness).  When The Bush Bitch was featured in the July issue of Essence magazine like any other proud published author I bought 20 copies of the magazine.

Essence Cover

When The Bush Bitch was featured in the July issue of Essence magazine like any other proud published author I bought 20 copies of the magazine. He ended up reading the excerpt. As I took a long swig of my wine it felt like it was taking him hours to read it. I felt… exposed. When people are reading your work you are vulnerable and completely exposed.

He ended up reading the excerpt.  As I took a long swig of my wine it felt like it was taking him hours to read it.  I felt… exposed.  When people are reading your work you are vulnerable and completely exposed.  It was a good sign when he chuckled a few times.  Whew what a relief!  Two things that was great about this small interaction.  He liked my writing and he wasn’t freaked out by the idea that I write about relationships.  Remember a few months back when I considered shutting down my site because I was worried that I would stay single forever because men would be afraid to date me?  Remember those few folks that gave me advice never to tell a guy I am currently dating about my blog?  I would like to take a second to give all of you naysayers a big “FUCK YOU!”  Okay, I had to get that moment of childish behavior off my chest.  I keep digressing!  After he read the article and we got into an interesting conversation about relationships (which I will keep between the two of us) I was set up to have the conversation.  Who knew my blog would be the perfect segway for a relationship conversation with a guy I am dating?  Go figure!  At this point I had nothing to lose.  I took a deep breath as well as another sip of my “liquid courage” aka wine.

Me:  So… I actually like you.  I wasn’t expecting to like you.  And I haven’t genuinely liked someone for a long time.  But I want to be honest with you.  I’m not into casual dating or casual sex and I am at a point in my life where I am—-

Guy:  Dating with a Purpose.

Me:  Exactly!  And if you’re not on the same page that is completely fine and there are no hard feelings but I wouldn’t keep going out with you if we are not on the same page.  I’m not saying I have a wedding gown in my purse, but I just want to make sure you know where I am coming from.

Guy:  I hear you and yes we are on the same page.

In my mind I did the happy dance of relief.  I also did a few cartwheels.  But on the exterior I kept it cool, calm and collective.

Guy:  I appreciate your honesty and clarity.

Me:  And I appreciate you hearing me out.


In my mind I did the happy dance of relief. I also did a few cartwheels. But on the exterior I kept it cool, calm and collective.

That’s the only part of the conversation you nosey people are going to get.  Again, because I like his guy I won’t be giving you the nitty gritty.  After we had the conversation I was relived.  Is this what it means to date like a grown woman?  I was so used to playing games in my day or worrying myself trying to figure out what the hell these men were thinking half of the damn time.  Little did I know all I had to do was go directly to the source and be honest.  As women, how many times do we not have these open and honest conversations because we are terrified of what the guy will say?  How many times do we drive ourselves crazy wondering if a man likes us?  How many times do we play games to make sure the guy can’t figure out if we really like them or not?  Or even worse, how many times have we slept with a man and had no clue where we stood with them and then attempted to have the conversation once the oxytocin is released and our feelings are all over the place?  It was at that moment I promised myself I would be open and honest with relationships moving forward.  We need to have pillow talk before our heads and other body parts hit the damn pillow!    I can’t say I won’t have any emotional moments where my insecurities about being in a new relationship make me have major self doubts.  I can’t say there won’t be moments when I am wondering what the hell these men are thinking.  I can’t say there won’t be times where I call 4 different girlfriends trying to get advice and driving them crazy with my various scenarios.  After all if we can’t do that with our girlfriends who can we do that with?   I also can’t say I won’t have a few relapses of playing games about my feelings.  After all we are all WIPs (works in progress).  But what I can say is being open, honest, and daring to ask the questions that I need to know the answers to is certainly the way to go.  My goodness, imagine if I had started doing these simple things years ago.  Oh well with age and experience come wisdom! 

Monique K.Bradley



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