Holiday Blind Date Challenge


At the end of the date he told her, “I know what you’re up to and you can tell Thursday and Friday you already have plans.”

The holidays can be a little trying for us single girls.  From the Kay Jeweler “Every Kiss Begins with K” commercials with the staged engagement scenes, to the Lexus commercials where the husband surprises his wife with a brand new Lexus in the driveway with a huge red bow, it can make you sit on the couch with your glass of wine and feel lonely as hell… If you allow it to.  After being in a marriage where I experienced what it meant to spend the holiday season married but lonelier than ever, I embrace being alone but NOT lonely.  But at the same time I would be lying to you if I told you that every once in a while when I watch those commercials I don’t think to myself, “Awww… that would be nice.”  (Not an engagement ring from Kay Jewelers either… just to be clear)  As soon as the commercials started to play, I prepared myself for the Holiday Season.  And my inner loving Diva gave me a pre-Holiday pep talk, “This year, you are going to embrace your singledom for the Holidays.  You are going to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.  You will not be sucked into that Woe is me bullshit!”  And with that I came up with a fun way to spend the Holidays and make it a little unpredictable.  One of my mother’s close friends was a famous bestselling author.  She had such a fun personality and it was always enjoyable to be around her and her family.  She and her husband met later on in life and they had a mutual respect and adoration they shared for each other.  He was supportive of her successful career and encouraged her.  And in turn she loved and respected that man as well.  She passed away a few years ago and the love that he had shared with her is something that really honored the vow, “Till death do we part…”  My mother was in town last month for some quality mother-daughter time and her friend’s husband met up with us.  He is one of my “adopted” uncles.  You know, one of those men who look out for you like you are their own daughter.  We were laughing and reminiscing about his wife.  And I asked him the story of how they met.

She was about your age at the time.  She was still living back east and was planning a trip out to LA to visit some friends.  And you know she had a lot of spunk.  She told each of her girlfriends that she wanted them to fix her up on a different blind date each day she was in LA.  I was Wednesday.  We just connected when we met.  It felt right.  At the end of the date I told her “I know what you’re up to and you can tell Thursday and Friday you already have plans.”  And as they say, “The rest is history.”  We were inseparable until her dying day.

I looked at my “adoptive” uncle’s eyes.  There was such a genuine love as he told the story.  You could tell he missed his soul mate but you could also feel and hear the cherished moments that they shared between the two of them.

And to think she was about my age at the time of their first date.  At the end of the day, she took a chance, humbled herself (in a fun way) and was bold enough to tell her girlfriends to make things happen!  And look how that turned out.  So in her memory I went home that evening and I sent 6 of my married and/or in serious relationship girlfriends the November Blind Date Challenge as an inbox message on Facebook.  I thought what the hell!  I don’t have shit to lose.


I looked at my “adoptive” uncle’s eyes. There was such a genuine love as he told the story. You could tell he missed his soul mate but you could also feel and hear the cherished moments that they shared between the two of them.

Hello Ladies! I hope all is well. This is NOT a random chain email. In honor of my mother’s close friend I am doing a November/December challenge. She and her husband met on a blind date. She was coming to LA on vacation and she told each of her friends to set her up on a date for each night she was here. She met her husband on Wednesday. When she met him he told her to cancel Thursday-Sunday dates. And they were married until she passed away a few years ago. That being said I wanted to reach out to my friends who are already married or in a serious relationship and give you all the challenge of setting me up on blind dates for the next month. I trust all of your judgments and I know you all know me we’ll enough to pick great men. As you all know I am a dating blogger. Although I change names, occupations, and locations if you prefer I not write about any of the guys you set me up with let me know and I will respect that request. Let’s see who wins this challenge out of the crew! If you have any questions you know how to reach me!

And I was surprised by the excitement from my girlfriends and their mates.  I love having a competitive, loving group of friends.  Each of them are determined to win the challenge.  I made sure not to give them explicit instructions on what I wanted and the type of men they should pick.  Instead I am trusting the process and looking forward to what happens.  This will also make the Holiday season a little less predictable.  We’ll see what happens.  As we kick off this Holiday season my challenge to you is to be open.  Instead of focusing on what you don’t have focus on what you have and where you are going.  Do something unpredictable.  Humble yourself to the possibilities.  Drink lots of wine, eat without worrying about calories, go to the gym to burn off those unknown calories, smile at strangers, and live each day like you are a reality star on the show called YOUR LIFE.


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