I Fell Off The Wagon!!!!  Part Two

Aaron Text

I had to be up for an early morning meeting the very next day. And “Aaron” actually remembered!

So we were off to a great start.  He texted me back immediately.  The next morning he sent me another text.  I had a great time at the Holiday party and had to be up for an early morning meeting the very next day.  It was brutal too.  And “Aaron” actually remembered!

Aaron:  Just checking in.  How did you make out with your early morning meeting? 

Me:  IT was brutal but I made it.

Aaron:  I figured it would be.  Glad you made it.

Me:  Thank you.

Simple but sweet.  That was a great way to start off a long work day!  I decided to leave the text message at that.  I didn’t want to do the overkill.  And like I said, when I like a guy, I am too much in my head over analyzing everything I say and do on text messages.  I NEVER want to come off as the desperado 30+ single woman the media portrays.  SO I try to play it cool.  I also understand in the past I have been so worried about coming off desperate that I can come off uninterested.  It is a very fine line.  To be honest I Haven’t mastered it.  But I am a WIP (work in progress).

So…. I have to admit it… I know I am not the only woman who does this… Periodically through the day I checked my phone to see if there was a text.  Yes this is me when I am somewhat interested or excited about the prospect of someone.  I thought perhaps “Aaron” would send me a text again or something.  My goodness I love the feeling of the butterflies but I hate the anxiety of the unknown.  Why can’t you just run off in the sunset and live happily ever after without this part?!  Am I asking for too much?  I mean really!  Anyway I digressed…  My point, I was looking forward to my next interaction with “Aaron.”

So the day came and went…nothing.  Okay… that’s fine.  WE just met.  I was playing just as cool as he was.  Besides it was the Holiday season.  He could have been out Christmas shopping.  The next day came and went… NOTHING!  WTF?!  Finally 5 days passed and I didn’t hear from “Aaron.”  Did I imagine a connection in my mind?  I was becoming a woman on the verge!  So of course I did what all women do… I called my girlfriend.


Did I imagine a connection in my mind? I was becoming a woman on the verge!

Girlfriend:  So… what’s going on with this mystery man.

Me:  Exactly that!  A damn mystery.  I haven’t heard from him!!!

Girlfriend:  Really?  When was the last time you all enteracted.

Me:  Over a text the day after we met.

Girlfriend:  And he has reached out since then?

ME: No!

Side note:  To all the nosey men reading my blog, I am really letting you in on the secret lives of women and how we communicate when you dumb asses aren’t stepping up!  It stresses us the fuck out!  So if you are a man who recently met a woman and you’re interested in her, please do NOT play the Play it Cool dance.  It drives us nuts!  Okay.  I had to get that out… Back to the conversation with my girlfriend.

Girlfriend:  Well, why don’t you send him a txt.  It’s a good time of the afternoon.  He might be out Christmas shopping.

ME:  I don’t want to look pressed!

Girlfriend:  Why are you always so worried about looking pressed?  Have you been calling him everyday? Or texting him every hour?

Me: No.

Girlfriend:  Then send his ass a text!

Me:  Alight!

I hung up with her.  And after several drafts settled I sent my text.

Me:  Hey “Aaron” how’s everything going?  Did you finish your Christmas shopping?

And I did what I always do when I do not want to be stuck waiting on a response.  I took my phone downstairs and then went back upstairs and started straightening up.  I didn’t want to drive myself NUTS waiting on his response.  Fifteen minutes later I heard my phone go off alerting me of a text.

Aaron:  I’m almost done.  How about you?

Me:  Just finished.  Thanks God!

Aaron:  Good baby.

Ummmmm…. Baby?  Really?   Hmmmm…. Why is a man who hasn’t even called me all damn week calling me baby?  WTF is up with that?  And furthermore, why in the hell did a part of me like it?  What is going on with me?  Am I losing all types of sense?  How do I respond to that?  What do I say?  I don’t want to not respond.  So I said…

Me:  That made me smile.

I was hoping that would be sufficient.  When I didn’t get a response 3 hours later I went into panic mode!  I called 3 different girlfriends. Read the text to them and got 3 different theories.


I called 3 different girlfriends. Read the text to them and got 3 different theories.

  1.  You should have just sent him a smiley face. Instead of saying that text made you smile.
  2.  Why are you worrying yourself over it?  There’s nothing wrong with the text.  He’s probably busy with last minute holiday shopping.
  3.  He clearly has some other bitch on the side.  Are you sure he wasn’t with that manicurist?

All theories were valid and I was thinking the same thing.  I know I get turned off when a man comes on too strong too fast.  Or worse yet I like it and then it fizzle out quickly but this was confusing.  But something definitely was up.  My Inner Loving Diva chimed in…

Something ain’t right.  He’s inconsistent already.  And more than likely there’s something up with him and that manicurist.  They might say they are just friends.  But maybe they are friends with benefits!  Either.  He might be fine and charming.  But he is clearly not correct.

I listened to the Whisper of my inner loving diva.  And guess what I did.  I pushed down the feeling and reasoned with myself.

It’s the Holiday season.  I’m expecting too much too soon.  Let me just play this one out…

Remember what I said in my last post about when you do not listen to the early Whisper of your Inner Loving Diva….

To Be Continued…

5 replies
  1. Kacy
    Kacy says:

    Are you calling all of your male readers nosy, or are you only addressing male readers who happen to be nosy?

    A little offended…not really

    • Monique K
      Monique K says:

      LOL! Not all of them. Just male readers who happen to be nosy! It’s a very special thing to know how women think, and how we speak when you all aren’t around. I am giving you all perils of wisdom! Please follow!!!

  2. James @ Swipe Right Diaries
    James @ Swipe Right Diaries says:

    The texting thing honestly goes both ways it’s not just guys who are the offenders 🙂 Ive had dates and interactions with women and then all of a sudden even when all appears to go well, they go AWOL. I dont try and understand why as to be honest it could be sooooo many different reasons as to why. So really If someone stops replying I just move on. Probably nothing to do with you at all, but if for whatever reason they lose interest then its not worth worrying about. 🙂 Great blog.

    • Monique K
      Monique K says:

      I always love to hear the guys perspective. And you are so right about that. And I have been guilty of the AWOL thing as well. Conclusion coming later today!


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