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The Sanford and Son Effect…..

I have the luxury of living only 4 miles from my office.  So when I have to meet with clients and the location is 4.1 miles or more, I have an attitude.  On this particular day I had to drive 20 miles outside of the way for a client meeting.  And to top it off […]

Single Black Female.. SBF

Every year these bullshit articles/blogs come out about single black women and the struggle of finding good black men.  As of late I have been bombarded with these various articles and blogs.  In the first blog a single woman of 40 writes about how she has made herself okay with the fact that she more […]

WTF? Perplexed and Confused…

It is rare that I am left speechless.  I have been dating since I was 14 years old and I have had my share of good and bad dates.  I have also had my share of moments when a man says or does something that is completely inappropriate and out of line.  But I have […]

Can We Go Half???

Things were really going well with me and “Todd.”  He wasn’t necessarily my type in the looks department.  He had an odd-shaped head.  And call me silly but you know how some people have thick looking teeth.  You know those teeth that look like they are too big for a person’s mouth.  But he was tall, had […]

Am I Vain or Just Deserving?

It’s a question I have often pondered.  And in some ways, yes I am VERY vain!  I will not leave the house without lip gloss and mascara even if I am just going to the grocery store.  I keep my bi weekly hair appointments.  If my hair isn’t done to perfection I will stay home.  […]