Reality in Chaos

MEET SIMONE MONROE, months ago Simone had a fairytale wedding only to realize the actual marriage didn’t fit what she had in mind.  As she learns the truth behind her marriage, she is faced with realizing not all fairytales have happy endings.

MEET TAYLOR ROSS, Taylor has made a life for herself as one of the most talented artists of her generation. When Taylor tries to take on mental illness, she is faced with the reality that some things in life cannot be fixed with a paint brush.

MEET JACQUELINE “JACKIE” MCKINLEY, after years of waiting for her big Hollywood break, Jackie gets an opportunity of a lifetime that changes her life forever.  But was the price of fame worth it?

What happens when the life you thought you were going to have is hit with the Reality in Chaos? Through life’s unexpected twist and turns, one thing is consistent for these women; their friendship and sisterhood.

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Monique Kelley is the high-powered Hollywood player and blogger behind Confessions Of A Serial Dater in LA.  This former Studio-Exec-by-day-blogger-by-night found her passion in helping women in their dating journeys.

Kelley is a proud graduate of Hampton University where she completed her degree in Performing Arts. She also spent a semester studying Shakespearean Theatre in London.

Kelley is the resident dating expert on various syndicated talk shows.  She has also been featured in numerous publications.